WordPress plugin “Running Line”

If you would like to have your running line on the bottom of your WordPress blog, so this plugin is just for you! It gives you the possibility to show one of the posts from your chosen category by the running line. So download and enjoy!


In administration interface you can do the following settings:
1. select order type of chosen category posts
2. select the direction of the running line
3. set running line scroll speed
4. set running line height
5. set running line text font size
6. set running line text color
7. set running line border size
8. set running line border color
9. set running line background color
10. set running line padding


Download the plugin

If you find this plugin useful to you, please consider making a small donation to help contribute to further development. Thanks for your kind support!

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6 Responses to “WordPress plugin “Running Line””

  1. Hagop says:

    Hi, great plugin but isn’t there a widget so I can put the line where ever I want in my site? thanks

  2. Daniel Hauca says:


    Thank you for your reply. But unfortunately you cannot put the running line where you want in your site. There are only 2 position where the running line can be – on the top of the website and on the bottom of the website.

  3. salman azmi says:

    Very nice plugin. What if you modify it that we can enter the sentence in accordance with our needs. Not using posting in categories.

  4. Daniel Hauca says:

    salman azmi,

    Thank you for your suggestion. It will be created in the new version of the plugin.

  5. Tibia says:


    Thanks, I always love a good read. Dont stop posting!…

  6. pinginsehat says:

    this is what im looking for
    i will try n put this plugin on my site, n comeback for comment

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