WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” new 1.5 version

The new version of WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” 1.5. is created. The following updates have been done in this version:

1. The bug which shows an error when you use several characters in explanatory dictionary is fixed.

Plugin Homepage

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2 Responses to “WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” new 1.5 version”

  1. Jessica says:

    It seems there is still some trouble with certain characters in the definitions. For example, one of my flagged words is “narcolepsy” and the definition starts with “Greek meaning loosely “sleep seizure.”"

    When the hover box comes up on the page, it only shows to “Greek meaning loosely”

    I will try other characters to see if I can work around, but it is definitely a problem.

    Thank you.

  2. Daniel Hauca says:

    Jessica, where can I see the problem? Please give me the link of the page.


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