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Hello! I am Daniel Hauca, a web developer of 27 years old from Yerevan, Armenia. I have started creating websites and web applications in 2006. Now I am a master in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XML, Ajax and use them on an every basis.
For more details about me, you can find in "About" and "Resume" pages of this site, more details about my works you can find in "Portfolio" page. Also do not hesitate to contact me by "Contact" page.

Last Posts

WordPress plugin “The Last Comment”

This widget plugin shows the last comment of the WordPress blog in the sidebar. (more…)

WordPress plugin “Share Buttons Simple Use” new 1.1 version

The new version of WordPress plugin “Share Buttons Simple Use” 1.1 is created. The following updates have been done in this version: (more…)

WordPress plugin “Useful Banner Manager”

There are many WordPress blogs which have or need to have banners on them. So a banner manager plugin is very useful for those blogs. This plugin is created for it. (more…)

Select limited random values and order it

It is a query example how to select limited count of random values from a MySQL database table and make it in order: (more…)

WordPress plugin “Share Buttons Simple Use”

This is a simple use plugin which displays the share buttons (Facebook Like, Tweet and Google buzz buttons) on the bottom or on the top of the posts and pages. (more…)

Retrieve links and sort them by follow or nofollow

This PHP example is used to retrieve all links from a file content or a url content, then sort by the follow links or nofollow links and show them (more…)

WordPress plugin “Quick Navigation Panel”

This plugin helps the visitors to navigate more quickly. It shows the panel on the bottom of the screen where the following blocks are placed – pages, categories, archive, authors, tags, search field, depends on the choice. So the visitors haven’t to scroll up and down to find where the pages of the website are placed or where the list of categories of the website is placed and so on. (more…)

WordPress plugin “Outbound Link Manager”

The “Outbound Link Manager” monitors outbound links in your posts, easily allowing you to add or remove a nofollow tag, update anchor texts, or remove links altogether. (more…)

The Main Info Of The World Countries

This is a package which contains MySQL database of 197 countries with their capitals, currencies, currency codes, TLD-s and calling codes. It also contains PHP class with functions for getting all countries names, the capital of a country by its name, the currency of a country by its name, the currency code of a country by its name, the TLD-s of a country by its name and the calling codes of a country by its name. (more…)

Sort all words and write into a file

A PHP example to sort all words of a text in alphabetical order and write the words into a file (more…)

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